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The Trip of a Lifetime: Juneau Alaska-Mt. Roberts Tramway

When we got up this morning the Sun was shining. We had traveled 828 nautical miles, we’re still full from last night’s dinner but we ordered room service to have coffee while we are getting ready. We have an afternoon excursion so we headed off to town and decided to take the Mt. Roberts Tramway up the mountain. The cost was $30 which included as many rides as you wanted to take all day.

That is the stern of the Golden Princess in the background
The ravens were prolific and HUGE!

This was a picture of the tram operator who graciously allowed me to take her picture.

We visited the gift shop at the top, watched a great movie and then hit the trails The views from the top of the mountain were worth the price of admission. We even saw some mountain goats. It was interesting to see these totems carved into the trees along the hiking path.

You can tell by the way we are dressed how nice the weather was. It was a great day for a hike!

An easy hike on a trail that is not well maintained will take you to Father Browns Cross. Father Brown–christened  Edward Howard Brown, born in Baltimore, MD in 1860, and studied to become a Jesuit priest (at age 19). Eventually, he volunteered for the Rocky Mountain Mission and arrived in Juneau in 1904. The details of Father Brown and his cross can be found here. Needless to say-hauling up that lumber without the tramway was quite a feat!

We were interested in his story because he attended Gonzaga.
The 2 little white speck are mountain goats seen from Father Brown Cross

These views from the top of Mt Roberts showcase the beautiful glacier waters, lush hills and the vast expanse of sky that made us in awe of Alaska. It was low tide when we arrived on the mountain and we were able to see the “beach” receding throughout the morning.

The Golden Princess as seen From Mt Roberts–
you can tell just how high we are by just how small these ships appear

Visiting Mt Roberts is well worth your time while you are in Juneau.

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